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German Celesta - Edition Beurmann


Invented over 125 years ago, the celesta remains a nicely obscure yet fascinating instrument: It sports a vibrant, mellow and charming sound remeniscent of a vibra- phone, glockenspiel, marimba and a piano - yet a sound of its own. The celesta offers rich harmonics and bell-like tone that chimes with force. At that time, it was inspiring...  More >


Breathtaking capture of perhaps the rarest piano in existence, with over 9500 individual multisamples that deliver an unsurpassed level realism.  More >

Superlative capture of a rare 250-year-old French Harpsichord, with over 3,400 individual multisamples delivering unparalleled realism.  More >

The most faithfully captured sample set of the "very special" (and very rare) Orphica Piano available, delivered in the classy realsamples way.  More >

About realsamples


realsamples offer some of the most beautifully authentic sampled instruments around.

Each sample collection offers chromatic sampling, with 40 or 32 velocity zones per note. It's these details that make an instrument sound 'real' and realsamples' raison d'etre is to capture the analogue sound resolution with as many snapshots of its personality as possible to provide a unique sense of reality.

All sample libraries are 100% license-free, even within commercial products and releases.

Instruments are offered as patches for the most popular samplers, including EXS24, Kontakt 2 and HaLion.