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Latest release

Oldskool House Chords


We’re delving back, way back into time when piano chords and organ stabs reigned supreme. The 90’s House scene from London to Chicago brought a charismatic sound that reverberated through clubs around the globe, The 90’s sound was driven by chords and most of the tracks melodic content was in these inspirational and fresh sounds. It...  More >


Spire Trance Presets


One of the synths grabbing huge acclaim in the Trance production scene is Reveal Sound’s Spire Synth, it’s a monster at creating powerful synth sounds with incredible clarity.   More >

Massive Trap Presets 2


We’re back with our second instalment into Trap presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth.... and this one’s an absolute monster!   More >

Psytrance Drums


It’s time to go back to basics here at Zenhiser, delve extensively into one part of Psytrance production and cover it well.   More >

About Zenhiser


Formed in 2006, Zenhiser is a leading sound design company based in the UK and Australia.

Aiming to bring new and exciting sample libraries to consumers at affordable prices, the Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music industry spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under their belt, they yield a firm understanding of what the customer needs and wants.

You can find out more about Zenhiser at