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Temporal Geometry

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Sea Of Clouds: Cinematic Pads

Temporal Geometry

'Sea Of Clouds: Cinematic Pads' consists of 100 pads categorised under different chords and harmonies. The sounds have a distinctive, smooth character with a subtle touch of tension, drama and emotional charge, which makes this pack especially useful for film and video games, as well as for music productions with a deep edge. These...  More >


'Kinetic Flux: EDM Elements' is a sample pack designed for producers of Electronic Dance Music that contains 170 original and Royalty-Free sounds.   More >

'Energy Core: EDM Elements' is a brand new sample pack oriented towards Electronic Dance Music and centered around percussion and glitch loops.   More >

'Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads' is a sample pack devoted to the production of modern cinematic style soundtracks made up of 100 loops recorded at tempos from 90 to 130 BPM.   More >

About Temporal Geometry

Temporal Geometry

Temporal Geometry is a sound design label specialising in synthesis, sampling and audio processing run by sound designer, producer and composer, Carlos Butler. Temporal Geometry create sound libraries and custom compositions for multimedia productions, films and video games with the most recent technology.