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Latest release

VertigoTech: Electronica


Sony employ the services of S2S favourites Dual Shaman to create 20 track-busting construction kits which assimilate innovative electronica, classic techno and everything in-between. From house and techno to IDM and experimental electronica: VertigoTech delivers driving 4/4 beats, emotive textures, Detroit-inspired synths, glitched tops,...  More >


770+MB of rich and melodic bass loops from the Fretless Monster Tony Franklin. Bring the the unique sound of his Fender P bass to your bottom end with 15 original song structure themes.  More >

Bradley Fish: Highly Strung


The multi-instrument specialist Bradley Fish continues his string-based explorations in this 500+MB mash-up of instruments from all corners of the globe, from steel string guitars to Chinese zithers.  More >

Ambient Grooves


Sony Creative Software presents Bill Laswell's Ambient Grooves collection, containing some of the most compelling music on the planet from a truly original artist. With production credits that include Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Grace Jones, Mick Jagger, Public Image Ltd., and Motorhead, Bill Laswell has demonstrated an uncanny grasp of music and sound from all points of the globe. The Ambient Grooves collection provides a stunning array of sounds that blend and destroy musical boundaries.  More >

About Sony


Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of sample collections.

With libraries from some of the world's greatest musicians and producers, their collections have evolved into a world class solution for producers worldwide on all platforms.

Available in virtually every genre, Sony Sound Series libraries are compatible with all software and hardware devices that support the Wav file format.