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Origin Series - Classic Bass Shots


ShamanStems are back with another one-of-a-kind library,comprised of 300+ bass shots recorded using classic 80's and 90's fm synths,romplers and samplers from Yamaha,Kawai,Korg,EMU and Roland. These hits are perfect for deep & vintage house,techno,oldschool dnb or nu-disco,but work well within any genre. What's in...  More >


Experience the flavor of classic 70's and 80's synth leads with ShamanStems' bold new release. All loops are recorded using Moog and Elektron analog gear, classic samplers from Roland, Yamaha, E-MU and high end hardware digital synths from Waldorf and Korg, with the keyboard's pitch bend and mod wheel being heavily abused in order to get that old school vibe.  More >

360 + all analog percussive shots recorded directly from highly sought after Analogue Solutions,Elektron,Moog and Doepfer gear.  More >

550+ analog chords and stabs ready to breath life into your Deep House, Techno, Garage or D'n'b tracks, all recorded using state of the art analog polysynths and passed through a vintage 70's transistor outboard for some serious grit and punch.  More >

About ShamanStems


ShamanStems is the brainchild of the highly regarded Dual Shaman duo. Responsible for a slew critically acclaimed releases on Sounds To Sample, Sample Magic and Sony, ShamanStems is a label with quality and cutting-edge sound design at its heart.