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Latest release

Transcendental State


Take a deep breath as you begin to submerse deep within the lushest of evolving pads, the most epic of arps and the most decadent of trance lead lines. Transcendental State pays homage to the biggest of trance Gods whilst driving these trademark ethereal sounds into the 21st century. Designed and produced by production guru Simon...  More >


Neo Soul Guitars


Neo Soul guitars is a sumptious collection of beautifully played and expertly recorded guitar loops and samples, taking us back to the days of analogue recording, girl groups with class & style and a funk driven rhythm so groovy you can't help but shake ya booty!  More >

Film Score Constructions features a collection of the finest cinematic loops covering a plethora of emotions, genres and tempos.  More >

Ghostek: System Evolution


Prepare to enter the monolithic fortress that is Ghostek: System Evolution. Forged from the coldest, darkest stretches of mother Russia this gargantuan pack offers no apologies in its brutality!  More >

About Samplephonics


Samplephonics are a UK based sound design company who pride themselves on creating unique and exciting sample libraries. Their focus is on providing rich, detailed sounds and instruments that have been produced or played by some of the finest session musicians, music producers and sound designers working in the industry today. Expect big things to come from these guys!