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Ian Boddy Waveforms

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Analogue Workshop Volume 1: Distortion & Feedback

Ian Boddy Waveforms

Renowned synthesis guru and sound designer Ian Boddy has been producing sample libraries since 1992. This includes award-winning collections for leading sample producers Zero-G and Sample Magic plus patch and sample content for Camel Audio, LinPlug and Rob Papen. With such a wealth of musical and sound design experience, Boddy decided...  More >



Ian Boddy Waveforms

The fourth title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series is a follow up to the best-selling Drumalogue, using raw analogue one-shot drums to build 300 all-new twsted beats, fed through Boddy's massive modular synth system.   More >


Ian Boddy Waveforms

Tired of the same old drum sounds? Lift your rhythm tracks to the next level with this collection of 1,000 hand-crafted analogue-sourced drum, percussion and one-shot hits.   More >


Ian Boddy Waveforms

Airwaves is the second title in veteran sound design guru Ian Boddy's Waveforms series. All the sounds were recorded using a premium grade radio transceiver, providing atmospheric garbled voices, buzzing interference patterns and hidden morse code signals. To ensure maximum usability, the sounds are virtually untouched other than the use of careful EQ and compression to "clean up" the source material.   More >

About Ian Boddy Waveforms

Ian Boddy Waveforms

Waveforms is a series of sample libraries from Something Else Music Limited, The company run by renowned UK sound design guru Ian Boddy.

Having produced samples since 1992, his work includes Ambient Volumes 1 & 2, Malice in Wonderland, Morphology, Analogue Sequencer Loops and Outer Limits for Zero-G and Transmission-X for Sample Magic. He has also provided patch and sample content for LinPlug, Camel Audio and Rob Papen Soundware.

In his 28 year career as a recording artist, he has released over 30 solo and collaborative CDs. He runs the highly respected ambient music label DiN and composes library music for the UK's largest independent production music company DeWolfe. With such a wealth of experience Boddy has taken the natural step to release his sound designs independently. Marketed under the "Waveforms" banner and available solely as downloads, all libraries are comprised of 500-600MB of 44.1KHz, 24-bit Wavs.