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Latest release

Dubstep Grooves


Dubstep Grooves by Palix Sound is divided into 5 main categories: Drum Loops (further divided into 20 drum patterns: individual tracks & full mixes in 140 BPM), One Shots (further divided into 7 categories: Clap, Crash, Growl, Hihat, Kick, Other Stuff & Snare), Construction Kits (further divided into 5 Wobble Construction Kits) and Massive...  More >


Dopessive Vol.1


We're glad to present to you our first library for NI Massive (version 1.4.0 required) - 'Dopessive Vol.1' by Dope Loops contains 77 presets for Massive, suitable for any modern urban music genre (Hip Hop, RnB, EDM, Trap, etc.). It's divided into 5 categories: Mono, Poly, Bass, FX & Chord.   More >

Modern Hip Hop Vol.2


Like its predecessor, Modern Hip Hop Vol.2 by Dope Loops is aimed at Hip Hop / Trap producers - it contains 290 loops (2,6 GB multiformat material) provided in 5 Construction Kits, further divided into categories like: Bass, Synth, FX, Drums (full mixes, fx mixes and individual tracks), Brass, and more.   More >

Modern Hip Hop


Modern Hip Hop by Dope Loops contains 5 Construction Kits aimed for Hip Hop / Trap producers.   More >

About FatLoud


Top quality hip-hop, RnB and pop samples for instant download. FatLoud's production team have over 10 years experience in programming, recording, arranging, mastering and mixing for major and underground artists, solely in hip-hop, RnB and urban genres. Expect tight and punchy samples & loops made by REAL hip-hop & RnB producers. From old school to new school, from east coast to the west coast and dirty south to urban grime, FatLoud have all bases covered..