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E-MU Emax Collector Edition

Digital Sound Factory

The Emax was essentially a complete replication of the Emulator II using custom E-mu chips instead of standard off the shelf silicon chips. This new engineering increased reliability, and reduced the cost of manufacture. The sample resolution was the same 12-bits companded into 8-bits of memory, the samples were still monophonic, but...  More >


The EPS (Ensoniq Performance Sampler) was manufactured between 1988 and 1991 and was one of the first few affordable samplers on the market.  More >

The Proteus 2000 was a reincarnation of the economical Proteus rack module series of the early nineties.  More >

E-MU Xtreme Lead-1

Digital Sound Factory

Xtreme Lead was launched in spring 2000 as the Techno/Electronica Module in the new Proteus '1000' range.  More >

About Digital Sound Factory

Digital Sound Factory

Our team of sound designers produced the original E-MU and Ensoniq sound hardware and sample libraries. We now have these great sounds and more available for modern software synthesizers.