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Crate Diggers

Latest release

Orchestral Elements

Crate Diggers

Scratchy ensembles, lush orchestras, string sections, brass and more in the third outing for Crate Diggers, featuring 210+ royalty-free phrases, solos and intros that will find use in hip hop, DnB, downtempo, classic and even house productions. Pre tape, pre vinyl, and pre gramophone, cylinders were the original recording medium created by...  More >


Crate Diggers make their long-awaited return with one of their finest collections to date: 420MB vault of poetic phrases, Shakespearean monologues, story- telling narrations and descriptions, plus assorted words, questions, letters and exclamations.  More >

Spanning a wealth of literary epochs and cultures, Crate Diggers offer a genre-defying collection of spoken word samples taken directly from historical poetic and scientific readings.  More >

The ceaseless Crate Diggers dust off more forgotten radio reels to uncover 500+ words, statements, questions and phrases infused with vintage vitality and yesteryear crackle in this royalty-free spoken word goldmine.  More >

About Crate Diggers

Crate Diggers

Crate Diggers specializes in royalty-free vintage and historical sample libraries. From their ground breaking pre-vinyl, pre-tape, wax cylinder series to historical wire recordings and beyond. At the core of it all, is a drive to bring forth long forgotten sounds and transform them into new media materials for musicians, composers & sound designers. Crate Diggers provides some of the most unique & eclectic sample libraries available.