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Bunker 8

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Dread Step

Bunker 8

Take the slo-mo intensity of double time Dub Step beats, mix in Cinematic atmospheres, cutting ambiences and an overall feeling that something might be behind you and you have Dread Step by Bunker 8 Digital Labs. Having worked on countless scores, video games, soundtracks and atmospheric moments of creative inspiration, you know these...  More >


The Hybridizer

Bunker 8

Forged in the angry alcoves of dark clubs, rubble-strewn roadways and the furthest reaches of poor, demented souls comes 'The Hybridizer'.   More >

Symphonic Hip Hop 4

Bunker 8

Bunker 8 is back with 'Symphonic Hip Hop 4', the fourth in the series for Symphonic Hip Hop. Includes ten Construction Kits of astonishing clarity and depth that are at your disposal and many contain 20+ tracks within them, allowing for detailed breakdowns of each Construction Kit.   More >

The Symphonic series by Bunker 8 Digital Labs has become the go to collection for film composers, video game track writers, soundtrack writers, etc.  More >

About Bunker 8

Bunker 8

Bunker 8 Digital Labs is one of the most prolific and renowned suppliers of digital media and content in the industry today. By applying great attention to detail, proprietary production processes, and the latest in analogue/digital production methods, their libraries have been collected and coveted by some of the biggest producers in the industry.

Their content has spawned countless number one hits by major international artists including Hillary Duff, Enrique Igelsias, Toorasi Minorah and countless others.