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Download 1000s of electro, fidget and electro-house samples and loops. Royalty-free Wav loops, Rex loops, Apple Loops and electro sample packs and DVDs to download instantly.

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Big & Epic EDM

Maison De Blanc

Maison De Blanc makes its debut with Big & Epic EDM. Big & Epic EDM fully packed with big-room sounds. Distorted speaker-blowing basses, epic hands-in-the-air synths, arpeggiated plucks, inspirational melodic piano loops, body-moving shakers and kick-free percussions, pitched-down vocals, hair-raising uplifters and whitenoise...  More >


The long awaited sample pack is here!!   More >

Returning to the lab with endless inspiration after a long week in Miami for WMC/Ultra/MMW/whatever you want to call it, the S2S crew return to the main room fray with what will undeniably considered their biggest, best and brightest peak hour pack to date, Biggest EDM Drops 2!  More >

Shaking Samples are proud to Presents their latest release "Electro Progressive"  More >

Heavy Electro

Cr2 Records

Continuing Sample Tools by Cr2’s commitment to giving you the ultimate production toolkits, Heavy Electro contains a huge 1.3 GB total content including 882.5 MB of essential audio and MIDI alongside 27 minutes of our trademark Prod-Cast video tutorials.  More >

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  • Q & A

    • 10 QUESTIONS WITHEdwin Koelewijn

      • After witnessing the great success of Phatt Kicks In Key, the S2S crew caught up with Audentity label boss Edwin Koelewijn to get the low down on his production methods. More

      • Q & A

        Utah Saints

        The S2S crew catches up with the legendary Utah Saints to talk production, inspiration and the good times ahead. More

      • Q & A

        Dot Bustelo

        The S2S crew takes a second to chat with Dot Bustelo about her latest chill-out pack, Electric Chillwave. More

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  • Pro Tips

    • Pro TipsColin Flynn's Epic Drops

      • Epic is a word thrown around a lot in dance music these days, but Samplestar's head-honcho Colin Flyyn latest chart topper Epic Drops, is "epic" to a level rivaled only by LOTR's Battle Of Minas Tirith. Here, Colin tips the S2S crew to some of his production tricks for building unfathomably "epic" drops. More

      • Pro Tips

        Reverb and Delay FX

        Not widely thought of as the sexiest of effects, reverb and delay can be used in all kinds of creative ways to introduce both subtle shades and striking colour to a mix. Bruce Aisher delivers his latest series of pro walkthroughs. More

      • Pro Tips

        Fidget Production Tips

        Sleazy fidget sounds are all about wonky beats, stacked claps, pushed swing and wobbly, rasping basslines. Hedflux serves up a selection of his turn-to tips. More

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    • S2S NewsAtom TM

      • Uwe Schmidt's (aka Atom TM) debut sample pack sings to today's true techno producer. More

      • S2S News

        The Best... Vocal Samples

        S2S is home to over 6 million samples across 2,000+ products. And there's one man who knows each intimately... Step forward Dave Felton who this fortnight takes his pick of the best vocal collections. More

      • S2S News

        The best... drum hits

        S2S is home to over 5 million samples across 500+ products. And there's one man who knows each intimately... Step forward Dave Felton, S2S co-founder, who this fortnight takes his pick of the best one-shot drum collections. More

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