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Format > Ableton Live Racks - Sounds/To/Sample

Format - Ableton Live Racks

Full Releases

Analog Shakedown
Puremagnetik continue their Food For Live series with more golden-era kit being put through its Ableton paces across 160...  More >
Deep House
Sample Magic
Sample Magic serve their first outing of the summer: a sublime foray into the afterhours party, with nods to nu-disco,...  More >
Pure Rock Hits
Big Fish Audio
Twenty timeless rock construction kits packed with 9+GB of hedonistic rockstar energy, unforgettable melodies, enormous...  More >
Toy Factory
Twisted electronics, chaotic circuit-bent synthesizers and classic toy store favourites all await in this hacked, glitched...  More >
Turbo Risers 01
680+MB of tension-teasing uplifters, downshifters, sweeps and falls: tweaked and twisted transition FX custom-designed for...  More >

Sample Packs

100 Dirty Dutch Hooks
Fox Samples
Fox Samples dish up 100 fantastically filthy Dutch-inspired synth leads. Wonky hooks, portamento slides, ravey progressions...  More >
3kt Hip Hop
Soundtrack Loops
3kt Hip Hop is a shimmering collection of 3 Hip Hop kits rich in elements of Orchestra, Trance, Funk in a Hip Hop setting....  More >
80's Drums
Things are heating up as we head back to the 80's, complete with big hair, big synths and big drums! This retro drum...  More >
80s Nu Wave
Soundtrack Loops
80s Nu Wave is a collection of 5 construction kits with its focus on electric guitar. Each kit has multiple guitar...  More >
Ableton Live Progressive Project: The Vision
Speedsound Loops
Ableton Live Progressive Project: The Vision unleashes Speedsounds latest single release for Ableton Live users. This...  More >
Ableton Live Project: Ant-Alien Progressive Vol 1
Speedsound Loops
'Ableton Live Project: Ant-Alien Progressive Vol 1' features hypnotic basslines, Progressive melodies and Psychedelic...  More >
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Ant-Alien
Speedsound Loops
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Ant-Alien is another massive open project from Speedsoud. Included are all the...  More >
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Full Night
Speedsound Loops
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Full Nightlets you delve into the mind of a professional Psy producer and learn how they use...  More >
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Full Night 3
Speedsound Loops
'Ableton Live Psytrance Project: Full Night 3' features Psychedelic and dark ambiances coupled with highly explosive...  More >
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: The First Contact
Speedsound Loops
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: The First Contact lets you delve into the mind of a professional Psy producer and learn how...  More >
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: X2
Speedsound Loops
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: X2 from Speedsound is the second incarnation of the Psytrance Ableton Live project files...  More >
Ableton Raxx - Sound Benders
Bringing you some new highly specialized tools for the modern era of production, Sound Benders – Ableton FX Raxx by RAW...  More >
Ableton Raxx - Sound Mixers
Make your sounds come alive with these Enhancement Racks. Sound Mixers is 7 Ableton RAXX designed for mixing your...  More >
Acid Synths
Prime Loops
Looking for some potent vibes? Pour some “Acid Synths” in the mix! This ultra-corrosive sample pack fresh from the...  More >
Acid x0x Synths
A squelchy selection of authentic acid leads and basses created using a vintage selection of highly-prized Roland X0X and...  More >
Afro House Session 1
Transmission Loops
'Afro House Session 1' kicks off this brand new series from the Transmission label bringing you a massive collection of...  More >
Alt. Rock
Soundtrack Loops
For Producing Alternative Rock. Alt.Rock ReMastered Loops from Soundtrack Loops will take you on a journey through the...  More >
Ambient Fractals
Prime Loops
Engineered to capture the true essence of ambience, "Ambient Fractals" will twist you through the mathematics of sound,...  More >
Ambient House - Loops and MIDI
Soundtrack Loops
Let your imagination take your on a dream like journey with Ambient House - Loops and Midi. All Loops are made to go...  More >
Ambient Illusions
Prime Loops
Kick back and relax! Prime Loops are extremely proud to announce this ultimate collection of mind-bending ambient &...  More >
Ambient Space
Soundtrack Loops
100 loops and samples for producing Ambient Space Music. Great for scoring multi-media and film as well. These...  More >
Analog House
Soundtrack Loops
Analog House is an ever-evolving set of sounds and MIDI files for producing the analog synth-driven electro side of House...  More >
Analog Snap: Percussion Samples
‘Analog Snap - Percussion Samples’ from ModeAudio is your ticket to the captivating, creative and inspiring world of...  More >
Andi Vasilos - Deep House Tools
Soundtrack Loops
Andi Vasilos delivers 269 MB of Deep House production tools recorded at 122 BPM subdivided into Basslines, Drumbeats, Pads...  More >
Angie Brown Vocals
Angie Brown is an iconic house music vocalist, whos vocals can be found on many hit records from the 90’s right up to...  More >
Anno Domini Drums: Scarebeatz Edition 3
Anno Domini Beats
'Anno Domini Drums: Scarebeatz Edition 3' brings you the fattest and punchiest kicks, snares and claps taken directly from...  More >
Arabic Vibez
Prime Loops
Prime Loops' latest sonic masterpiece "Arabic Vibez" brings you over 180 breathtakingly intense Arabic string hooks, chord...  More >
Arcade Flashback
Prime Loops
Up your game with "Arcade Flashback", the pixel pounding new sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab! More...  More >
Assassin Sounds
Soundtrack Loops
'Assassin Sounds Vol 1' You'll get 8 Construction Kits (62 Loops - Leads, Basses, Kicks, Snares, Claps, Perc, and Pads), 8...  More >
Atomic SFX - Dance Hits & Loops
'Atomic SFX' is a collection of only the most essential dance SFX ModeAudio has to offer, crafted with every flavour of...  More >
Babylon Beats
Prime Loops
Take a deep breath and dive into this ultra-cool collection of seriously inventive, organic downtempo rhythms. ...  More >
Balkansky: Dark Dub and Glitchstep
Ivan Shopov (aka Balkansky) is a highly respected producer in Dubstep and drum and bass. This monster of a sample...  More >
Bang - Deep House Drum Samples
'Bang - Deep House Drum Samples' comes from a very special place in ModeAudio’s percussive production arsenal....  More >
Bass Addict
Prime Loops
After the overwhelming feedback we received from our all-time best-selling release "Synth Addict" (10/10, Excellence Award)...  More >
Beach House Pop
Big Citi Loops
'Beach House Pop' is a collection of five Construction Kits, packed full of killer multi-track content and taking influence...  More >
Beat Inflections
Intense, dramatic and highly musical. An endless source of cinematic inspiration. Beat Inflections morphs Hip...  More >
Beat Voltage - Drum Machine Samples
‘Beat Voltage - Drum Machine Samples’ from ModeAudio explodes out of your speakers like giants bolts of pure electrical...  More >
Beats & Loops Vol 1
Nano Musik Loops
'Beats & Loops Vol 1' is packed with 150 Drum Loops organised into three different Kits. The rhythmical loop elements...  More >
Berlin Techno Tracks
Sample Magic
Packed with pummelling stripped-back grooves, cavernous dub chords, industrial synths and functional FX, Berlin Techno...  More >
Big Bass House
Loop 49
This amazing genre series sees more deep, pulsating and rolling bass lines with that classic old House sound that has help...  More >
Big Nasty Electro Basslines
Prime Loops
Do you believe in monsters? We do, because we've created one! "Big Nasty Electro Basslines" is the beastly new bass...  More >
Big Phat Wobble Bass
Prime Loops
Oh my gosh! You already know that London-based sampling dons Prime Loops constantly deliver top notch material, but this...  More >
Big Room Kicks
All new collection of fat, punchy and powerful kicks designed to be the beating heart of the biggest mainroom beats, from...  More >
Big Room Trance Bundle
Nano Musik Loops
'Big Room Trance Bundle' from Nano Musik Loops features 54 of the most current-sounding Dance and Trance Construction Kits,...  More >
Bleep Machine
Prime Loops
Greetings earthlings, you are about to be destroyed: Once again Prime Loops have teamed up with Dmitry Vasilyev, and this...  More >
Blessed By Melbourne Bounce
Fox Samples
'Blessed By Melbourne Bounce' from Fox Samples is a hot new product from the new "Blessed" series. Bringing you...  More >
Bobby Deep - Progressive House Producer
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Bus Loops collaborate to bring you Bobby Deep - Progressive House Producer. Rich in progressive...  More >
Boost 309 V2
'Boost 309 V2' is based on the complete sample set of the vintage, lo-fi but charmingly sounding machine Rave-o-lution 309...  More >
Breakbeat Electronica
Prime Loops
Crash-landing from the furthest reaches of the sonic hemisphere, "Breakbeat Electronica" is born! Brand new for our eagerly...  More >
Brooklyn 2 Paris
Fox Samples
'Brooklyn 2 Paris' from Fox Samples features five blazin' hot Hip Hop and R&B Construction Kits inspired by chart-topping...  More >
Bust-A-Groove: Hip-Hop Vol.2
Function Loops
Bust-A-Groove is back again with a brand new track! 5 banging construction kits, including all parts in loops and single...  More >
Cartoon Swagger Vol 3
'Cartoon Swagger Vol 3' from Soundspice is back with more Intelligent Dance Music, grimy rhythms and smart, popping notes....  More >
CCM Worship 6
Munique Music
'CCM Worship 6' is the latest installment in this amazing series for fans and producers of Worship music. Each 'CCM'...  More >
Chart EDM Producer Bundle 16-in-1
Pulsed Records
'Chart EDM Producer Bundle (16-in-1)' is a monster collection of sixteen products from Pulsed Records. Featuring...  More >
Chart Topping Pop Guitars
Soundtrack Loops
Need some inspiration? Chart Topping Pop Guitars has you covered with current sounds of acoustic and electric guitar...  More >
Chill Synths
Prime Loops
Prepare for instant inspiration - with this super-harmonic selection of 48 warm, immersive and skilfully played chill-out...  More >
Chill Trance MIDI Pad Chord Progressions
Equinox Sounds
'Chill Trance MIDI Pad Chord Progressions' from Equinox Sounds is a collection which features 50 stunning pad chord...  More >
Chilled R&B 2
Equinox Sounds
'Chilled R&B 2' from Equinox Sounds brings another selection of the 20 smoothest Construction Kits to create the best...  More >
Chillout & Lounge MIDI Kits
Equinox Sounds
'Chillout & Lounge MIDI Kits' from Equinox Sounds features five fantastic Construction Kits in MIDI format for creating a...  More >
Chopper FX
Prime Loops
Need some new FX to get your sound off the ground? Grab a slice of the action with “Chopper FX”, the razor sharp sample...  More >
Chus & Ceballos: Iberican Grooves Vol 1
Sample Magic
Famed for their pioneering ‘Iberican Sound’ and marathon DJ sets which seamlessly fuses house, techno and Latin flavours...  More >
Cinematic Electronica
Let this awe inspiring sample library take you on a deep, melodic and thought provoking journey into organic sound, playful...  More >
Cinematic Hits - Bundle
BOOM Library
The bundle contains both, the CONSTRUCTION KIT and the DESIGNED edition. 400+ files, 1.900+ sounds | 96kHz/24bit,...  More >
Cinematic IDM - Synth Sounds of Montra
Soundtrack Loops
In this sounds series, "Synth Sounds of Montra - Cinematic IDM," Montra explores Cinematic guitars, rumbling drone basses,...  More >
Cinematic Industrial
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and sound designer/producer Jason Donnelly join forces to bring you Cinematic Industrial. This set of...  More >
Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Ambient
Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Ambient brings you nine masterclass Construction Kits by Auditory. Piano, Orchestral...  More >
Cinematic Tension
Soundtrack Loops
Cinematic Tension looped soundscapes are the perfect compliment to any movie, TV, commercial, or radio soundtrack. ...  More >
Cinematic Trailers
Mosh Loops
'Cinematic Trailers' is a unique, royalty-free collection that contains recordings of Strings, Piano, Guitars, Percussion,...  More >
Classic Goa Trance Hooks
We’re back with another essential pack for all Psytrance and Goa Trance freaks. ‘Classic Goa Trance Hooks’ is a...  More >
Classic Lounge Producer - Cafe Royal
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops & Bus Loops Present: Classic Lounge Producer - Cafe Royal. With Classic Lounge Producer you get laid...  More >
Club Electro
DN Loops
'Club Electro' from DN Loops is bringing that smash hit Electro sound back. This hot product features seven bangin'...  More >
Club Keys
Prime Loops
When the sun goes down and the party heats up, reach for the energizing and uplifting sound of "Club Keys", a brand new...  More >
Club Music
MVP Loops
MVP Loops presents ‘Club Music’, representing modern dance at it’s finest. This sample pack of dance music loops...  More >
Soundtrack Loops
'Clubstep' is the FIRST set of loops to cross EDM and Dubstep into one package. These loops and samples will get you...  More >
Complete 808 & 909 Drum Machines
Prime Loops
All the 808 & 909 drum samples have been recorded directly from our in-studio 808 & 909 drum machine consoles. The...  More >
Complex Electro Synths
Prime Loops
The radical sound aesthetics of Dubstep are all the rage right now - and slowly trickling over into all other major music...  More >
Conga & Tumba Loops Utility 002
Another pack from Samplephonics no producer should really be without. 200 expertly recorded Conga and Tumba Loops...  More >
Cosmic Glitch Bitpop
Digital Redux
Cosmic Glitch Bitpop is a beautifully unclassifiable sample library that explorers the far corners of the glitch and the bit...  More >
Cowboys & Indians 2
Munique Music
'Cowboy & Indians 2' gives you that Ambient & Cinematic sound by Munique Music. These five Construction Kits are in...  More >
Criminal Tech House - Loops, MIDI & Presets
Soundtrack Loops
Criminal Tech House is the loop child of a courageous collaboration between ElectroniSounds and Soundtrack Loops. ...  More >
Crunk Awards Vol 2
Big Citi Loops
'Crunk Awards Vol 2' brings you eight hot Construction Kits straight from the Crunk Grammy Awards. These kits are sure to...  More >
Cuban Link
CG3 Audio
'Cuban Link' is an amazing new product from the legendary CG3 Audio. Five block bashing street-inspired smashes have...  More >
D-Deck Secret Sounds
Natura Viva
D-Deck opens the doors of his studio with “D-Deck Secret Sounds”. D-Deck after a long series of great productions...  More >
Da Sound Of Bounce
Prime Loops
If you're looking for the chillout room, you're definitely in the wrong place! Right now we're on the mainfloor,...  More >
Dancehall Kingz
Prime Loops
Welcome di King of di Dancehall - welcome "Dancehall Kingz"! This ultra-fresh sample pack from your loyal beat addicts Prime...  More >
Dancehall Takeova
Prime Loops
The unmistakable sound of Jamaican music has come a long way since the days of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Nowadays...  More >
Daniel Finch - Heavy Guitar Loops
Soundtrack Loops
Heavy Guitars by Daniel Finch (founding member of the band Devilment) is a set of 92 Metal Guitars all of which have been...  More >
Dark Ambiences & Textures
Prime Loops
Darkness is creeping upon us so step into the shadows and embrace the ethereal with “Dark Ambiences & Textures”, the...  More >
Dark Speed DnB Vol 2
'Dark Speed DnB Vol 2' SoundSpice's unique drum-n-bass series returns to once again take your tracks full tilt. These...  More >
Prime Loops
Fasten your seatbelt, put on your leaden shoes and try to keep your sweaty hands to yourself: "Darkstep" is here, and things...  More >
Date Night R&B
Soundtrack Loops
Dim the lights, fire up a couple candles, pour two glasses of the best wine, and turn up these smooth RnB jams. Date...  More >
Dawn House - House Loops & Samples
‘Dawn House - House Loops & Samples’ is ModeAudio’s invitation to supercharge your summer beats, packed full of enough...  More >
Deep Chill
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops producer Adrian Walther of "Iced Chillout Lounge " and "Fresh Mood" resurrects his melodic abilities to...  More >
Deep House
Cr2 Records
"Great sample pack. Some really warm drum samples that are usable right from the box, and the tuned kicks are really...  More >
Deep House - Loops and Sampler Kits
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops proudly presents Deep House, a complete Dance music producer's tool kit. This Deep House set comes...  More >
Deep Melodic Dubstep
Soundtrack Loops
Deep Melodic Dubstep is a set of eight construction kits perfect for adding a lighter, more melodic side of EDM to your...  More >
Destiny's Ballads
YnK Audio
'Destiny's Ballads' from YnK Audio is a Uplifting collection of five R&B Construction Kits, inspired by Destiny's Childs...  More >
Detonation - SFX Samples
‘Detonation - SFX Samples' from ModeAudio brings the white-hot energy and bone-crushing power of epic sonic explosions,...  More >
Detroit Techno
Soundtrack Loops
Detroit Techno sound pack contains over 450 Detroit Techno drums, synths, percussion, and basses. Multiple percussion...  More >
Diamond Web - Deep House Loops
‘Diamond Web - Deep House Loops’ from ModeAudio will wrap your music in a rich web of warm, melodic sound - from the...  More >
Digitalo Disco
Prime Loops
It's time to strut your stuff under the neon lights of "Digitalo Disco", the hottest of all the hotspots downtown! ...  More >
Dirty Electro Bass Loops
Prime Loops
Get ready to see the dance floor grinding! Prime Loops is extremely proud to reveal this heavy stash of explosive...  More >
Dirty Electro Synth Loops
Prime Loops
Addictive, filthy nu-house licks, raw wobbly sub-bass grooves, jackin', rude and disgustingly electroholic twisted leads,...  More >
Dirty South Awards Vol 1
Big Citi Loops
'Dirty South Awards Vol 1' from BIG CITI LOOPS brings you 5 bangers straight from the South side. These Construction Kits...  More >
Dirty South Classics 2
Pound Audio
'Dirty South Classics 2' is finally here scorching the charts with 10 bangers straight from the Dirty South. These Dirty...  More >
Dirty South Guitars
Prime Loops
You might have the right beat, the floor-shaking bass, the nifty percussion and sick synths... but you don't have it all!...  More >
Dirty South Hustlaz Vol. 1
YnK Audio
'Dirty South Hustlaz Vol 1' is a fierce collection of 5 Construction Kits including elements influenced by some of the top...  More >
Dirty South: High Tension 2
Music Mafia
'Dirty South: High Tension 2' from Music Mafia is giving you some of the most unique Trap Beats. These five Trap...  More >
Dirty South: Turn It Up
Big Citi Loops
'Dirty South Turn It Out' brings you 6 Kits with over 1 gig of crunk sounds, giving you the sounds of the South in your...  More >
Disco Tech
If you produce Disco tinged House music then this ear tingling sample pack is essential! Disco Tech seamlessly blends...  More >
Perimeter Sound Arts
DISTURBANCE: Dark Soundscapes contains dark atmospheres, noise-scapes and jagged pulsating textures produced by Todd Milne &...  More >
'Divalicious' contains five Urban Construction Kits inspired by the leading R&B Divas. Inside you'll find modern...  More >
DJ Chus & Stereo Productions: 10 Years of Iberican Grooves
Sample Magic
Sample Magic proudly presents Spanish tribal-house wizard DJ Chus, with 350MB+ of 125pm pumping Balearic beats and...  More >
DMS Psytrance Bass For Ableton Live 01
Dance MIDI Samples
We’ve created a special project for Psy producers in need of some great sounding basses for Ableton Live! The...  More >
Dope Ish Vol 1
CG3 Audio
'Dope Ish Vol 1' is an amazing new product series from the incomparable CG3 Audio. Five monster Dirty South kits in the...  More >
Downstream - Drum Loops & Samples
‘Downstream - Drum Loops & Samples’ flows from ModeAudio’s studio to your speakers like the tranquil waters of a deep...  More >
Prime Loops
Prepare for the climactic sounds of Prime Loops' most suspenseful sample pack yet! Dramatica is the ultimate collection of...  More >
Drum 'n' Space Vol 2: Liquid DnB Kits
Drum n Space Vol 2: Liquid DnB Construction Kits stikes back with six fully mixed Construction Kits ready to take your DnB...  More >
Drum Addict
Prime Loops
The Prime Loops lab is back with another spine-tingling, stomach-wrenching sound laboratory experiment... "Drum...  More >
Drum n Bass Drum Loops
Prime Loops
"Drum n' Bass Drum Loops" is a brand new release from the Prime Loops team containing over 100 heavyweight drum n' bass...  More >
Drumstep Riot
Prime Loops
We're rebelling against the bpm in our latest pack Drumstep Riot, so come and fight the tempo with Prime Loops! Are...  More >
Dubcore Assault
Prime Loops
Delivered by heavily equipped army supply helicopters, deep behind enemy lines, this hard-hitting consignment of guerrilla...  More >
Dubhop Beats
Prime Loops
Fusing together dub, reggae, hip hop, glitch, dubstep and roots cultures... "Dubhop Beats" is a unique selection of the...  More >
Dubhop Scores
Prime Loops
The dance is on, and you're at the controls! Fire up this righteous collection of authentic tripped out dub...  More >
Dubplate Techtonics - Drum & Bass vs- Dubstep
Soundtrack Loops
Dubplate Techtonics – Drum N Bass vs. Dubstep, by producer Trenchdigger. Detroit native Trenchdigger crafted 6 massive...  More >
Dubstep Ableton Live Instrument Presets Vol 2
Sonic Drive Media
Dubstep Ableton Live Instrument Presets Vol 2 contains 31 ultra-heavy Dubstep patches which utilize the Operator and Analog...  More >
Dubstep Apocalypse
Prime Loops
The sky is black...the power's off...there's a scratching at the window...distant sub bass drifts towards you through broken...  More >
Dubstep Bass
Premier Sound Bank
This Dubstep Bass Pack from Premier Sound Bank brings you a wide range of brutal, smooth, and big bass sounds that simply...  More >
Dubstep Bass Elements 006
Sounds To Sample
10 bumpin' bassline loops.  More >
Dubstep Club Steel Vol 4
Song Stream
'Dubstep Club Steel Vol 4' is back again for the fourth time with this hot, smoking Dubstep product that will blow you off...  More >
Dubstep Drum Loops
Prime Loops
"Dubstep Drum Loops" from Prime Loops is the latest Sound Suite for producers of tomorrow looking to instantly incorporate...  More >
Dubstep Elements 3 S2S
Sounds To Sample
10 hardcore dubstep beats.  More >
Dubstep Gladiators
Prime Loops
Calling all contenders for future Dubstep success – power on for "Dubstep Gladiators", the heavyweight new sample pack...  More >
Dubstep Illusions
Prime Loops
Prime Loops' latest cornucopia of loops and samples brings an endlessly pulsating flow of spaced-out, atmospheric and...  More >
Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live
Sonic Drive Media
Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live rises to the next level with the Heaviest, Hardest Hittin, Dubstep Wobble...  More >
Dubstep Invasion
Prime Loops
Take absolutely no hostages, cause maximum mayhem and make the "Dubstep Invasion" your mission! Equipped with this...  More >
Dubstep Melodies
Prime Loops
Dubstep - what is it good for? Absolutely everything! Not only does this most cutting edge of all club styles channel...  More >
Dubstep Nation
Prime Loops
Prime Loops proudly present the ultimate dubstep experience - "Dubstep Nation". This heavy-duty dubstep sample Pack...  More >
Dubstep Plates
Digital Redux
DUBSTEP PLATES was created for the serious dubstep producer. This sample pack exhibits a dope collection of fresh sample...  More >
Dubstep Presets For Ableton Live Vols 1-2
Sonic Drive Media
Dubstep Presets For Ableton Live (Vols 1-2) combines these two stunning volumes of this inspirational series into a single...  More >
Dubstep Reaper
Prime Loops
Welcome to the Prime Loops dungeon of devious, dastardly and dangerous noise! We held our breath, raced in and...  More >
Dubstep Takeova
Prime Loops
Fresh from the shadowy abyss of the Prime Loops lair comes "Dubstep Takeova", a dark and dishevelled sound library of...  More >
East Coast Hip-Hop Volume 1
Prime Loops
From the aggressive and old-skool sound of such iconic acts as EPMD and Public Enemy to the inventive, streetwise beats of...  More >
EBM for Industrial - Electric Body Music
Soundtrack Loops
Electric Body Music is the largest Industrial EBM pack to date. Soundtrack Loops EBM will provoke nothing but a constant...  More >
EDM Essentials - Deep House
Prime Loops
Get ready to take the plunge into the smooth depths of Deep House in 'EDM Essentials: Deep House', the latest in Prime...  More >
EDM Famous Patches
Pulsed Records
'EDM Famous Patches' by Pulsed Records features an awesome collection of expertly designed sounds for the popular Sylenth1...  More >
EDM Hits & Kits 2
CNTRL Samples
Big-room beats made easy in this definitive EDM beat toolkit packed with 940 of the biggest hits, 152 loops, 34 killer kits...  More >
EDM Reverb Presets
HighLife Samples
'EDM Reverb Presets' from HighLife Samples is an EDM Reverb Presets pack featuring 55 presets for the Valhalla Vintage...  More >
Electro Funk MIDI Riffs
Soundtrack Loops
Electro Funk Riffs is a funky fresh set of midi files and loops. You'll get Guitars, Moog Basses, Electric Basses,...  More >
Electro Glitch Essentials
Si Begg's ELECTRO GLITCH ESSENTIALS - Over 2.4Gb of groundbreaking electro dance samples from musical genius and beat...  More >
Electro Gods
Fox Samples
ELECTRO GODS from Fox Samples contains five slammin electro house construction kits. Each of the construction kits...  More >
Electro House Shoxx
Prime Loops
Put your fingers in the socket and throw the switch, Prime Loops are delivering the high-voltage vibes to engergise your...  More >
Electro House Shoxx 2
Prime Loops
Brace your bassbins for a surge and get ready for another banging Prime Loops release. We know you're crying out for...  More >
Electro House Syndicate
Prime Loops
Join the jet-setting electro producers' elite with Prime Loops' dance floor destroying "Electro House Syndicate". Gain...  More >
Electro Progressive
Shaking Samples
Shaking Samples are proud to Presents their latest release "Electro Progressive" A world of full beats, big bass-room,...  More >
Electro Synth Progression 01
Samplephonics presents ‘Electro Synth Progression,’ which contains a stunning selection of analogue synth loops for...  More >
Elektro Pop
Soundtrack Loops
Add a bit of a mainstream, Radio friendly, Pop element to your tunes, "Elektro Pop" by Soundtrack Loops. "Elektro Pop" is a...  More >
Emergency 2 Sound Effects
Blastwave FX
Emergency Fire Dispatch Interior Truck Perspective Sound Effects 
This collection features fire dispatch sounds from...  More >
Epic Electro 2
Fox Samples
'Epic Electro 2' from Fox Samples is the exiting follow-up to the best-selling first Volume. This product was...  More >
Epic Orchestral Film Score and Midis
Soundtrack Loops
Action! Suspense… DRAMA and wHiMsY – Use Epic Orchestral Film Score and MIDIs for your next project and it’ll become a...  More >
Epic Summer EDM Anthems
Function Loops
'Epic Summer EDM Anthems' is Function Loops brand new summer anthem and drop inspired sample pack. This collection is...  More >
Epic Trap Tools
Prime Loops
Everything is EPIC nowadays and if it isn't, well then it's an 'epic fail'. Ensure your Trap tunes remain at the right...  More >
Epikh Pro Presents: Dubstep Growl
'Epikh Pro Presents: Dubstep Growl' is an outstanding collection of Dubstep Construction Kits bringing you five amazing...  More >
Essential Flamenco Guitars
Prime Loops
Flamenco is an extremely popular music genre and musical style originating from Spain. Famous for its rapid,...  More >
Essential Piano Melodies
DN Loops
'Essential Piano Melodies' contains 50 piano melodies in ACIDized WAV, Apple and REX Loop formats. These loops bring...  More >
Essential Studio Drums
Prime Loops
Studio, microphones, vintage desk, pristine drum kit, drummer with a bit too much energy - all check! Drum roll...  More >
Essential Trap & Bass Vol 2
Prime Loops
Our highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Essential Trap and Bass' comes harder and darker than before....  More >
Everything EDM
EVERYTHING EDM Audentity offers a big full blown pack with everything you need to make your latest EDM & Progressive...  More >
Evolved Drum & Bass
Evolved Drum & Bass is a pristine fusion of lush Liquid DnB and hard-edged Tech Drum & Bass. A beautiful but deadly...  More >
Evolving Elements House
Big Fish Audio
Fresh, exciting sounds of the underground. 333MB of "feel good" House loops designed to get the party started!...  More >
Famous Soundz
Pulsed Records
Famous Soundz is the first installment of this new series of loops, Kits and presets designed to give producers the sounds...  More >
Female R&B Vocals
Soundtrack Loops
Three sirens of song, beautiful and talented, have recorded strong female R&B vocals to add some sexy chanteuse to your...  More >
Festival Breeze 4
'Festival Breeze 4' from Vandalism is the fourth installment of this mind-blowing and must-have MIDI pack for producers who...  More >
Filter House Attack
Prime Loops
Hold on tight and ride the sonic wave! Inspired by the cutting edge of French filter house we've compiled a stonking...  More >
Filthy Electro House Sessions
Prime Loops
After months in the studio, Prime Loops in association with Fredrik Mooij are extremely proud to present one of our most...  More >
Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops
‘Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops’ from ModeAudio plunges you into a deep pool of warm, glowing sound, then lifts you...  More >
Foley 26 Sound Effects
Blastwave FX
Foley Toys Sound Effects 
This is a collection of Foley toy sound effects that includes cap guns, train whistles, toy...  More >
Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples
‘Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples' from ModeAudio is a journey into the sound lab, where our sound-scientists have...  More >
Freemason - Ableton Live Template
EDM Labs
EDMLabs presents Freemason, a destructive bigroom house template inspired by artists such as Dropgun & DVBBS. This...  More >
Freq Decible House Level Vol 1
Big Citi Loops
'Freq Decible: House Level Vol 1' is a work of art by Appletones Audio. This amazing set delivers you five...  More >
Fresh Mood
Soundtrack Loops
Fresh Mood is a set of seven mini construction kits for producing Ambient, Chill-out, Left-Field, and IDM. It's a...  More >
Funk Guitars
Soundtrack Loops
This collection of guitar loops is pure Funk Gold. All those funky palm mutes, plucks, strums, and riffs are right here in...  More >
Funk Lounge
Soundtrack Loops
12 construction kits for producing Funk, Space Disco, Latin, Downtempo, Funky Breakbeats, and beyond. 160 broadcast quality...  More >
Soundtrack Loops
FUNKSTEP combines the wobbley robotic sound of Dubstep with the tempos and musical elements of Electro Funk. Use...  More >
Future Big Room Ableton Template Vol 2
Party Design
'Future Big Room Ableton Template Vol 2' from Party Design has been created to show you professional techniques for...  More >
Future Drum & Bass Drums
Prime Loops
The hi-energy drums and ultra-low frequencies of Drum & Bass have ruled dancefloors for over 15 years now but it’s time to...  More >
Future Grooves – EDM Industrial Glitch Loops
Soundtrack Loops
Future Grooves is the future of EDM, Industrial, Glitch, and Breakbeats. 149 Royalty Free loops in total. You’ll...  More >
Future House Drum Loops
Prime Loops
If you move to minimal, deep, tech, progressive or new forms of electronic house, these house drum loops will tickle your...  More >
Future House MIDI Drops
Triad Sounds
Triad Sounds is proud to present "Future House MIDI Drops" the latest Future House pack to provide you with a plethora of...  More >
Future Sound Of Swedish House 2
Sample Station
We are back with Volume 2 of our highly successful Swedish House series. Sample Station serve up over 200MB of big-room...  More >
Futurized Trapstep
Pulsed Records
Futurized Trapstep contains over 830 MB of 24-Bit WAV loops, grouped as six wicked, crispy sounding Construction Kits and...  More >
Garage House Patches
Pulsed Records
'Garage House Patches' by Pulsed Records is a collection of fifty cutting-edge presets for Sylenth1. Containing deep...  More >
Geometrics - Indie Dance Loops
'Geometrics - Indie Dance Loops' from ModeAudio smacks the sweet-spot between live instrumental and experimental electronic...  More >
Ghostek Industrial Techno
Ghostek returns to Samplephonics for his second sample pack, and this time things are getting dark. Following on...  More >
Glitch Cuts
Prime Loops
Which format should I choose? "Glitch Cuts" is the latest release from the Prime Loops team, which contains over...  More >
Glitch Hop Drum Loops
Prime Loops
A new style of hip hop is born...Glitch hop is a new breed of intelligent beats taking influences from the old-school, and...  More >
Glitchronic - Glitch Loops
Soundtrack Loops
Mellow and industrial, Glitchronic is a collection of premier Glitch loops perfect for use in Industrial, Sci Fi, Horror,...  More >
Gorilla Unit
YnK Audio
'Gorilla Unit' from YnK Audio is a Hard Hitting collection of five Hip-Hop Construction Kits, inspired by the infamous Rap...  More >
Grimy Glitch Beats
Soundtrack Loops
Grimy Glitch Beays by Elfkowitz is a glitched out set of beats for producing Dubstep, Gltich, IDM, Break Beat, Bass, and...  More >
Groove Collection
Bedroom Muzik
Bedroom Muzik are very proud to present an exclusive collection of sounds and samples from one of the Tech House new...  More >
Growlers and Screamers
Soundtrack Loops
Growlers & Screamers will put you on the fast track for producing authentic modern Dubstep within minutes. All of those hard...  More >
Guitar Anthology: Funk Edition
Prime Loops
"Guitar Anthology: Funk Edition" delivers 50 catchy, funk-filled guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to...  More >
Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition
Prime Loops
"Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition" delivers 50 classic, anthemic guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to perfection...  More >
Guitar Anthology: Jazz Edition
Prime Loops
"Guitar Anthology: Jazz Edition" delivers 50 inspirational guitar loops, hooks and riffs, mastered to perfection and hand...  More >
Guitar Anthology: Rock Edition
Prime Loops
"Guitar Anthology: Rock Edition" delivers 50 full-throttle guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to perfection...  More >
Guitar: Cinematic Sensation
Guitar: Cinematic Sensation brings you six Construction Kits with guitar leads, piano, strings, and much more. This...  More >
Halloween FX`s Rumble
211 brandnew unique FX`s for Techno,Tech House,Drum`n`Bass and Electro + extra BONUS with One Shot Wavs,Drum Loops and Bass...  More >
Hard Festival: FL Studio Project
Prototype Samples
'Hard Festival: FL Studio Project' is the project file of a really banging EDM anthem. You'll get all the files...  More >
Hard Funk
Soundtrack Loops
Hard Funk by Soundtrack Loops combines the wobbly robotic sound of Dubstep with the tempos and elements of Electro Funk....  More >
Heavy Industrial
Soundtrack Loops
Heavy Industrial loops and samples from producer Peter Smith combines Industrial components with heavy glitched beats and...  More >
Helion Artists: Kris Maydak Melodies Vol 1
Helion Samples
'Helion Artists: Kris Maydak Melodies Vol 1' gives you 50 amazing and inspiring melodies to use in your own tracks....  More >
High Voltage Solo Guitars
Prime Loops
Crank up the volume with "High Voltage Solo Guitars" the electrifying new sample pack from Prime Loops! This...  More >
Hip Hop Guitars
Soundtrack Loops
Looking for some hot guitar loops for your Hip Hop beats? This exclusive set of Hip Hop Guitars by Soundtrack Loops...  More >
Hip-Hop Crate Diggers
Hip Hop Crate Diggers is a samplers paradise, containing a beautiful palette of sounds, textures, musical phrases, crisp...  More >
Hipgnosis: Ableton Live Psytrance Project
Speedsound Loops
Hipgnosis: Ableton Live Psytrance Project unleashes Psyseed and Speedsounds latest single release Hipgnosis for Ableton Live...  More >
Hit Factory
Prime Loops
Break the mould with the immense “Hit Factory”, fresh from the Prime Loops audio production line! This ultimate...  More >
Hit Makers House Kits
Soundtrack Loops
Hit Maker's House Kit Loop Packs is a set of 13 royalty free hit making song starter kits. Each kit includes isolated drum...  More >
Hit Makers Vol 3
Golden Samples
Golden Samples presents a new product, Hit Makers Vol 3. Hit Makers Vol 3 includes ten fantastic Construction Kits...  More >
Hook City: 80's Funkaholic Edition
MVP Loops
MVP Loops is back with the top selling Hook City Series. We're proud to present Hook City: 80's Funkaholic Edition. 10...  More >
House Guitar Loops Vol 1
Prime Loops
Sun soaked funky grooves, passionate Latin rhythms, smoky jazz chord progressions, filthy nu-rave licks, majestic worldly...  More >
House Guitar Loops Vol 2
Prime Loops
"House Guitar Loops Vol. 2" is the long awaited sequel to the smash hit release which saw great exposure in the charts after...  More >
House2House - Big Room
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Bus loops presents 'House2House: Big Room', a collection featuring 200 loops covering multi genres of...  More >
Human Beatbox Samples
Prime Loops
These jaw dropping beatbox samples are performed by Mowgli of the World Beatbox Convention, a professional beatboxer, sound...  More >
Hyper Synthetic MIDI
Soundtrack Loops
Electronisounds' return to MIDI is nothing short of amazing! This is a complete audio sample library for the producer...  More >
Ibiza Dance Anthems
Prime Loops
Add some golden sunshine to your productions with a one-way ticket to the clubbing promised land! "Ibiza Dance Anthems" is...  More >
In The Cut: Trap Edition Vol 2
DN Loops
'In The Cut: Trap Edition Vol 2' is the second installment of trap-style fire for your sample library. It’s got 1.36...  More >
In The Mood R&B MIDI
Soundtrack Loops
Light a few candles, pour a little wine, and get in the mood with the latest release from Soundtrack Loops. In The...  More >
Industrial EBM
Industrial EBM is a dark adventure into the world of electronic gloom. This sample package contains 27 Drum One Shots,...  More >
Instrumental Trap & Dirty South Vol 2
Equinox Sounds
'Instrumental Trap & Dirty South Vol 2' from Equinox Sounds brings another set of five incredible Construction Kits that...  More >
Jackin' House
Mike Frade, owner & creator of Waveform Recordings, debut's his all new off shoot imprint, Raw Loops, with the undeniably...  More >
Jazzy Chillout
Soundtrack Loops
Jazzy Chill Out is good for producing the Smooth and Jazzy side of Chill Out but it's not limited to just that. These...  More >
Juicy R&B
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops team up to present Scorpio Music Productions Juicy RnB. This set romantic set of sensual loops consists...  More >
Just Worship Bundle Vols 1-6
All Pro Loops
'Just Worship Bundle (Vols 1-6)' features all 30 of the Kits in this top-selling series. Filled with the...  More >
Kenny Dope's Nervous House Producer Pack
Nervous Records
Nervous Records has been repping underground club sounds since 1991. Always based out of New York, the labels early released...  More >
Kingdom Of The South 1
'Kingdom of the South Vol 1' from R-loops is a collection of five Southern Construction Kits inspired by top artists such as...  More >
Kings of Swing Present Downtown House
Prime Loops
Prime Loops are extremely proud to present "Kings Of Swing: Downtown House", a smooth collection of nearly 300 classic...  More >
Klang - Found Percussion Hits
A plethora of unexpected, interesting small percussion hits have been assembled by ModeAudio in 'Klang - Found Percussion...  More >
Klub R&B
YnK Audio
'Klub R&B' from YnK Audio is a inspiring collection of five R&B/HipHop Construction Kits, inspired by artist such as Chris...  More >
L.A. Riot Vol 1. Boombastic Beats
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the legendary L.A. Riot sample series. For the first...  More >
LaidBack Chilled Funk MIDI
Soundtrack Loops
This library is not just another construction kits set - this is truly an amazing palette of lush new sounds, loops,...  More >
Laidback Loops
Wide Open Tools
Laid back loops for your music production adding the funky core bits that bring your musical output to live. Getting...  More >
Liquid D&B Essentials
Prime Loops
If you feel like rolling your drum and bass up with an intelligent nu-soul injection, this mammoth D n' B sample pack will...  More >
Loop Theory - Rejuvenation
Soundtrack Loops
Loop Theory, our favorite Chillout beats and rhythms producer is back for his fifth sound library called “Rejuvenation”...  More >
Loop Theory - Trip Hop
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Loop Theory return to give you the most complete loop library of Trip hop yet. Smart fragmented...  More >
Loop Theory : Chillout Vol 1
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Loop Theory join forces to bring you Chillout. This loop set supplies you with complete control of 8...  More >
Loop Theory : Chillout Vol 2
Soundtrack Loops
Loop Theory's Chillout Lounge Volume 2 Loops and Sample build on top of his previous release Volume 1. Combine both of...  More >
Looptool 3
Ueberschall releases the third Looptool library, focusing on Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Garage, Indie - in short - guitar and...  More >
Lost Before Dawn: Neo Soul
Big Citi Loops
'Lost Before Dawn: Neo Soul' is a new series from Big Citi Loops which features five Construction Kits. This product...  More >
Lounge & Chillout MIDI Keys
Equinox Sounds
Lounge & Chillout MIDI Keys from Equinox Sounds includes 33 MIDI loops featuring piano, keyboard, clavinet licks and chord...  More >
Lush Progressive Vol.1 Bass & Synths
"Lush Progressive" from Sharp is a brand new series for House, Progressive and Tech-House music producers, including...  More >
Lyrical Drama
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops announces "Lyrical Drama" produced by Scorpio Music Production. Lyrical Drama is great for producing Hip...  More >
Machine Attacks - Drum Hits
'Machine Attacks' is ModeAudio's personal, premium selection of specially-crafted electronic drum hits. As the...  More >
Machine Code: Analogue Techno
431.8MB 214 Loops 179 One Shots Sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, MachFive,...  More >
Massive EDM Trap
Equinox Sounds
'Massive EDM Trap' from Equinox Sounds and Fix-A-Flat Productions brings a collection of 12 Construction Kits for the...  More >
Masters Of Funky House
Prime Loops
Within the rich history of House music, Funky House has always played an important role: From Masters At Work to Junior...  More >
Maybach Ambition
MVP Loops
It's Maybach Music at it's best! Maybach Ambition is a blazin 10 pack construction loop set product featuring the styles...  More >
Meditative Chillout
Soundtrack Loops
Soothe your entire mind, body, and soul with the new but ancient Meditative Chillout from the Synth Sounds of Montra series....  More >
Mega Freak Beatz
Prime Loops
With "Mega Freak Beatz", you get a whole carnival's worth of positively freaky, electronic drum loops straight from the...  More >
Melodic Guitar Hooks
Prime Loops
Kick out the jams with "Melodic Guitar Hooks", the glowing hot guitar sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab!...  More >
Melody Essentials Vol 3
Prototype Samples
'Melody Essentials Vol 3' from Prototype Samples includes 30 Royalty-Free MIDIs for use in EDM tracks inspired by NERVO,...  More >
Metachemical Synth N' Midi
Soundtrack Loops
Synths ‘N Midi by producer Metachemical is a hard hitting collection of speaker shredding synths that really cut through...  More >
Minimal & Tech House Drums
Prime Loops
Prime Loops are extremely proud to present "Minimal & Tech House Drums", which contains 1,000 skilfully handcrafted drums...  More >
Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops
Prime Loops
Prime Loops are extremely proud to present one of their hottest releases to date: "Minimal and Twisted House Drum Loops"....  More >
Minimal Synthesis
Prime Loops
"Minimal Synthesis" is a futuristic micro-slice of pristine minimal synth loops bursting with crystal clear synthetic...  More >
Prime Loops
Like your Drum & Bass tasty and filling? Then reduce the juice with “Minimal D&B“, the latest cutting edge sample pack...  More >
MOGUAI's LYVE Elements Episode 3
A mix of 10 electro-house beats and tops.  More >
Movie Stabs
There’s no denying it, the BWAAR horn movie sound has taken over films worldwide, we love them big time, they deliver...  More >
Mr. West 2
Big Citi Loops
Mr. West 2 is heavily influenced by Rap and Hip Hop sensation, Kanye West. With some of the wittiest sounds and...  More >
Must Have Audio: Euro Summer
Fox Samples
'Must Have Audio: Euro Summer' from Fox Samples continues their best selling series ‘Must Have Audio’, bringing you...  More >
Must Have Audio: We Are EDM
Fox Samples
'Must Have Audio: We Are EDM' from Fox Samples is another banging EDM product of the exciting new series, "Must Have Audio"....  More >
NDS Drum Collection 001
No Dough Samples
Finally we’ve brought together all our drums into one epic package. One of the things we are truly passionate...  More >
Neo Soul: Smooth Keyz Bundle Vols 1-7
Live SoundZ Productions
'Neo Soul: Smooth Keyz Bundle (Vols 1-7)' includes all of the Neo Soul Smooth Keyz Kits. This series is one of the...  More >
Nightmare Strings
Prime Loops
Just in time for Halloween Prime Loops are proud to present “Nightmare Strings”, a huge sample library of painstakingly...  More >
Nu Deep House Session 1
Transmission Loops
'Transmission' is a new label focused on premium quality samples, loops, MIDI files and Sequencer Arrangements. 'Nu...  More >
NYC Piano Sessions
Prime Loops
Prime Loops are proud to announce the arrival of one of their most inspiring sample suites to date: "NYC Piano Sessions"...  More >
NYC Techno
Waveform Recordings
Waveform bring the NYC dark, deep, & groovy tech sound with this latest release, NYC Techno. 600+MB ready for the dancefloor...  More >
NYE Countdown & Impacts
Sounds To Sample
If you're one of the thousands of DJ's or live acts prepping to ring in the new year on stage, you'll certainly need a...  More >
O! Crank It Up: Dirty Big Room 3-in-1
O! Samples
'O! Crank It Up: Dirty Big Room 3-in-1' is the compilation of this great series featuring 16 fully mixed and mastered...  More >
Office 4 Sound Effects
Blastwave FX
Office Furniture Drawers Sound Effects 
This collection of office furniture drawer sound effects includes opening and...  More >
Official Dubstep Basslines
Prime Loops
Demonstrate your authority with “Official Dubstep Basslines”, the fresh new bass loops and one-shots sample pack from #1...  More >
Official Dubstep Drum Loops
Prime Loops
Secure your own beat battalion and reign in the Dubstep domain with "Official Dubstep Drum Loops", the brand new sample pack...  More >
Official Dubstep Synth Loops
Prime Loops
If heavy bass is the dark heart of Dubstep, then the humble synth is its tortured soul! 'OFFICIAL DUBSTEP SYNTH LOOPS' is...  More >
Orchestral Scores
Prime Loops
Mo'Zart or Beathoven? Prime Loops' brand new "Orchestral Scores" sound suite offers an extensive collection of 100 expertly...  More >
Organic Chill Out
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops is proud to announce Organic Chill Out, a set of six construction kits for producing live organic music....  More >
Organic Talkbox Grooves
Sounds To Sample
No more sterilizing that old plastic tube on your homemade talk box, Sounds to Sample's latest sample and preset pack,...  More >
OVO Love Bundle Vols 1-2
Misfit Digital
'OVO Love Bundle (Vols 1-2)' From Misfit Digital brings you 10 ground-breaking Construction Kits made in the likes of Drake,...  More >
OVOH! Damn
CG3 Audio
'OVOH! Damn' is an exciting new series from the leaders in Urban samples, CG3 Audio. You'll find five blazing...  More >
PHNTM Tech/Funk
Sounds To Sample Presents
Functional funk, wonky tech, and grimy techno are the name of the game in PHNTM's first sample pack release, Tech/Funk. One...  More >
Piano Gold Solo
'Piano Gold Solo' from Auditory is a collection which features 14 piano melodies in WAV, Aiff and MIDI formats, suitable for...  More >
Planet of The Orchestra
Prime Loops
Prime Loops in association with Jean Baptiste Lacaze are extremely proud to present their most celebrated and highly...  More >
Platinum Dubstep
Prime Loops
Get ready to leave those bad-tipped warm-up gigs in the 2nd room for good! With Prime Loops' latest sound smasher...  More >
Platinum Piano Ballads
Prime Loops
It has always been, still is and always will be one of the biggest feats for any aspiring pop composer and producer: the...  More >
Play It Loud: Future Bass Drop Vol 2
'Play It Loud: Future Bass Drop Vol 2' from Shockwave includes 150 amazing MIDI bass drop loops, 150 WAV banger basslines...  More >
Play It Loud: Melbourne Drop Vol 2
'Play It Loud: Melbourne Drop Vol 2' is the latest in this chart-topping series. The second edition of this powerful...  More >
Pop Breakz & Vocals
Pulsed Records
'Pop Breakz & Vocals' from Pulsed Records features multi-track loops and vocals from London based vocalist & top-line...  More >
Pop Innovation
Big Citi Loops
'Pop Innovation' is a collection of five Construction Kits, packed full of killer multi-track content taking influence from...  More >
Pop Piano Elements
MVP Loops
10 stunning pop piano loops to add shimmer to anything pop production. All in E major at 70bpm.  More >
Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches
‘Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches’ is, put simply, the biggest, baddest and meanest drum collection ModeAudio has...  More >
Premier Glitch Hop Snares
Premier Sound Bank
Every Glitch Hop producer knows that one of the most important components of a track is the snare drum, and we all know that...  More >
Premier Trap Snares & Hats
Premier Sound Bank
Our Premier Trap Snares & Hats pack brings you some more fresh Trap sounds from the crew at Premier Sound Bank. While...  More >
Premium Hip Hop Beats In HD
Platinum Audiolab
Premium Hip Hop Beats In HD is a large collection of unique, ultra-modern sounding Hip Hop beats in various tempos, loop...  More >
Producer MIDI Chords: Starter Kit Vol 3
Nano Musik Loops
'Producer MIDI Chords: Starter Kit Vol 3' from Nano Musik Loops features 50 of the most current-sounding Trance, Dance and...  More >
Producer MIDI Chords: Starter Kit Vol 4
Nano Musik Loops
'Producer MIDI Chords: Starter Kit Vol 4' from Nano Musik Loops features 50 of the most current-sounding Trance, Dance and...  More >
Producer Tool: Electro Dance Bassline
Nano Musik Loops
'Producer Tool: Electro Dance Bassline' from Nano Musik Loops features 55 of the most current-sounding Electro & Dance...  More >
Producers Secret - Hip Hop Drums
One of the most important things in every urban genre - drums! The secret underlying all great tracks in hip hop,...  More >
Progressive Dance Pack
Progressive Dance Pack is a cerebral construction kit packed full of loops and samples for producing European House,...  More >
Progressive Elektro Vol. 1
Progressive Elektro combines the lush melodic elements of progressive house and fuses them seamlessly with driving electro...  More >
Progressive House Energy
Malicious mainroom mayhem fills the latest must have summer sample pack from Audiotent, Progressive House Energy. 10...  More >
Progressive House:Sylenth1
WM Entertainment
The 64 Sylenth1 patch kit includes sub and raw electro house basses, soft mau5 plucks, mainroom and 80s inspired synth...  More >
Progressive Legions 2
Fox Samples
'PROGRESSIVE LEGIONS 2' from Fox Samples is the follow up to the banging first volume. This pack delivers some...  More >
Progressive Synthesis
Prime Loops
From the silky white sands of Ibiza to the hottest dance floors of Miami; Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this...  More >
Psytrance Ableton Template by NoizeBusters
Function Loops
Eight different track starter ideas are offered in this kick-ass Templates collection for Ableton Live. Served by...  More >
Psytrance Project: Full Night 2
Speedsound Loops
Psytrance Project: Full Night 2 lets you explore how this awesome producer arranges his tunes for live performances using...  More >
Pump It Up: Bubblegum Pop
Fox Samples
'Pump It Up: Bubblegum Pop' from Fox Samples is a hot new product bringing you nothing but heat for the summer....  More >
R&B Awards Vol 6
Big Citi Loops
'R&B Awards Vol 6' from Big Citi Loops brings you eight R&B Piano influenced Hits. These Construction Kits come...  More >
R&B Beat Programmer
Prime Loops
Ready for some serious R&B beatsmith talent? Once again, Prime Loops have not spared any time or effort - and are extremely...  More >
Rap Instrumentals
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Scorpio Music join forces to bring you Rap Instrumentals. This loop set gives you complete control of 9...  More >
Rap Traxx
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops and Scorpio Music Productions join forces to bring you Rap Rap Traxx. This loop set supplies you with...  More >
Rasta Vocal Samples
Prime Loops
These authentic vocals have been recorded exclusively for Prime Loops courtesy of acclaimed Jamaican vocalist Danman, (AKA...  More >
Prime Loops
Achtung, Achtung! You are just about to fill the arena with guaranteed heart-pumping, crowd jumping, hands in the air...  More >
Prime Loops
Crank the speakers up to eleven, turn up the strobe lights and push the smoke button until there's no more sense of space...  More >
Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples
‘Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples’ is ModeAudio's intricately captured, precision-produced household percussion...  More >
Razor FX
Prime Loops
"Razor FX" is an ultra-professional collection containing over 600MB of crystal clear 24-bit audio sound...  More >
Real Trance MIDI Kits Bundle Vols 1-3
Equinox Sounds
'Real Trance MIDI Kits Bundle (Vols 1-3)' combines the three most popular Equinox Sounds collections featuring beautiful and...  More >
Reflect - Ambient Loops
‘Reflect - Ambient Loops’ from ModeAudio will open up your music to a deep dose of blissful, ambient sound, where Synth...  More >
Reggaeton Loops with Vocals
Soundtrack Loops
Reggaeton w/ Vocals is a set of 10 construction kits for producing Reggaeton and Moombahton. It features vocals from...  More >
Reggaeton Movements
Prime Loops
Bring out the sun-drenched summer hits all year round with this fully loaded and ultra-automatic Reggaeton sample...  More >
RIchard Devine Element 1
10 Twisted glitched out grooves.  More >
Ride Or Die Chick
DN Loops
'Ride Or Die Chick' from DN Loops features five Construction Kits in the style of Pop good girl gone bad, Rihanna. Five...  More >
Riemann Basslines 01
Riemann Kollektion
10 sub-strong basslines for techno, minimal and tech-house productions.  More >
Riemann Techno Drums 1
Riemann Kollektion
Florian Meindl's sounddesign Label Riemann Kollektion starts a new series called "Riemann Techno Drums" including all...  More >
RnB Diamonds
The Hit Sound
The Hit Sound presents 'RnB Diamonds'. This product brings you over 400MB of Royalty-Free RnB jewels for your library,...  More >
RnB: Slow Expo
Song Stream
'RnB Slow Expo' from Song Stream brings you five RnB Rhodes-influenced Kits. These Construction Kits come complete with...  More >
Rock Classics
Rock Classics covers the era of the 70s and 80s where famous rock bands were able to decorate their studios‘ walls with...  More >
Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity
Prime Loops
Deep inside a nuclear bunker, on the western border of the former Soviet Union, a secret laboratory has been discovered....  More >
Seductive Keys 7
All Pro Loops
'Seductive Keys 7' is the seventh collection of romantic, smooth and relaxing Old School R&B grooves from the 80's....  More >
Shock!: Uplifters
'Shock!: Uplifters' from Vandalism provides you amazing sound effects. With this great compilation you have the...  More >
Shocking 2012
'Shocking 2012' is a compilation of 39 products from Vandalism. This bundle contains above 4 GB of material and...  More >
Shocking FL Studio: Progressive House 2
'Shocking FL Studio: Progressive House 2' is a comprehensive FL Studio Template. This tutorial shows you a cleverly...  More >
Shocking Future House For Spire
Vandalism brings you a preset pack inspired by today's most popular style. This ultimate bank is the most complete...  More >
Shockwave OMG Bundle
'Shockwave OMG Bundle' is a fantastic collection of 42 amazing Construction Kits that will give you all you need to have...  More >
Sirens In Dub
Prime Loops
We're sending out a warning! This pack is rammed full of hundreds of dubbed out and glitched up siren samples, stabs and...  More >
Sleepless City - Deep R&B Loops
'Sleepless City' is a journey to the dark heart of R&B, a moonlit wander through shadows and empty streets. ModeAudio...  More >
SM Studio Latin Fusion Guitars
SM Studio
SM Studio returns with a scintillating selection of Latin-laced guitar loops primed to infuse your house, disco and pop...  More >
Smoke N Sexy
Fakulty Studios
'Smoke N Sexy' is fresh out of the oven and fully cooked. This ain’t no half baked recipe, it's seasoned with a dash...  More >
Smooth Keys
Prime Loops
Slip into the mellow mood of modern-classic electric piano melodies, as Prime Loops drops yet another collection selection...  More >
Smooth R&B Guitars
Prime Loops
Turn the lights down low and let loose the smooth licks of ''Smooth R&B Guitars'', fresh from the candle-lit crib that is...  More >
Snake Davis Sax
Samplephonics presents a jam packed library of saxophone loops from amazing session musician Snake Davis. There are...  More >
Soulful Vocals: Michael Ashanti
Pulsed Records
'Soulful Vocals: Michael Ashanti' from Pulsed Records delivers vocals from Michael Ashanti, a Top 10 MTV/Logo featured...  More >
Sound Of The Future Vol 2: Garage Kits
'Sounds Of The Future Vol 2: Garage Kits' from Loopoholics strikes back with six high energy tracks. This pack...  More >
Space Robots: Ableton Live Psytrance Project
Speedsound Loops
Space Robots: Ableton Live Psytrance Project from Speedsound is their latest full-on Psytrance track Space Robots as an...  More >
Spanish Guitar Melodies
Soundtrack Loops
"Spanish Guitar Melodies" Acoustic Guitar Loops - From talented guitarist and producer Adonis Tsilimparis and Soundtrack...  More >
Stacey Blades Rock Guitar Sessions
Soundtrack Loops
Stacey Blades Rock Guitar Sessions is a well-rounded royalty free set of multi-purpose Rock guitar performances for your...  More >
Stereo Arena 001
Party Design
'Stereo Arena 001' is a brand new series from Party Design. It is a compliation of 32 great and stunnig MIDI files. If...  More >
Strings From Da Hood
Fox Samples
'Strings from Da Hood' from Fox Samples features 25 of the rawest, most authentic street strings anthems ever put into a...  More >
Sub Chill
Soundtrack Loops
Sub Chill is the only sound kit to surrender completely to the deep sub basses of Trap and Hip Hop. Add in a twist of...  More >
Sunkissed House Loops
Prime Loops
Luscious soulful Rhodes progressions, smooth & funky house piano grooves, detailed evolving deep textures, dusty analogue...  More >
Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & Beats
‘Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & Beats’ is ModeAudio’s sun-soaked summer loop and sample session, delivering...  More >
Super Freak Studio Drum Beats
Soundtrack Loops
Funky heavy hitting Break beats and more. Over 400 Drum Beats. Both Studio Acoustic Kits played live and Electronic Drum...  More >
Sway - Hip Hop Loops & Samples
'Sway - Hip Hop Loops & Samples' from ModeAudio delivers a bulging production trunk packed with 270+ files of solid Hip Hop...  More >
Swedish House Main Room Vol 1
'Swedish House Main Room Vol 1' from Shockwave is an incredible package for any lover of beautiful melodies and the...  More >
Sweeps & Special Effects
Ghost Samples
'Sweeps & Special Effects' is an incredibly original package of sound effects, ready to use in your productions. The...  More >
Sylenth EDM
Function Loops
"Sylenth EDM" from Function Loops is an essential presets collection to super-charge your imagination, giving you the right...  More >
Sylenth Famous Patches Vol 1
Pulsed Records
'Sylenth Famous Patches Vol 1' is an unbelievable pack of presets inspired by the biggest names in the music industry....  More >
Sylenth Super Bundle
395 Sylenth Patches! Audentity has bundled all their best Sylenth patches derived from all their packs which have...  More >
Symphonic Intense 2
Bunker 8
Returning to one of their most popular collections to date, Bunker 8 Digital Labs presents Symphonic Intense Volume...  More >
Synth Addict
Prime Loops
From deep within the coveted labs at Prime Loops HQ, after months of dangerous experiments, cruel synthesis testing, and...  More >
Synth Hookz Vol 2
Fox Samples
FOX SAMPLES presents "SYNTH HOOKZ VOL 2" This product features 150 Electro Dance Synth Hooks @ 128 BPM as Sidechain,...  More >
Synth Sounds of Montra - Downtempo Synths
Soundtrack Loops
Synth Sounds of Montra - Downtempo Synths is a deep dark downtempo library. Full of uniquely crafted synths sounds...  More >
Synth Sounds of Montra - Genre
Soundtrack Loops
Synth Sounds of Montra - Genre - is a versatile collection of multi-purpose synthesizer loops ideal for producing original...  More >
Syzzrup Dirty South Edition Vol 1
Big Citi Loops
'Syzzrup Dirty South Edition Vol 1' brings you even more essential Dirty South and Crunk sounds presented in five...  More >
TB 303 Synths
Add a classic Acid synth and bass line to your tracks and hear the difference it makes while it snakes between your...  More >
Tech House Drum Loops
Prime Loops
"Tech House Drum Loops" is overflowing with an addictive blend of nu-house flavours reflecting the true sound of today....  More >
Tech House Loop Tools
Samplephonics presents 'Tech House Loop Tools,' a must have collection of toploops, drum loops and rhythmic music grooves...  More >
Tech House Top Loops
Haunted House
An essential collection of 120 teched-out tops for house and tech-house producers, all handcrafted and primed for complex...  More >
Tech Legacy
Prime Loops
Somewhere in a parallel universe not so far away, where androids dream of electric bleeps and pulses, the future of music...  More >
Technique Sounds Progressive House & Mainroom Studio Inspirations
Technique Sounds
Technique Sounds Progressive House & Mainroom Studio Inspirations Technique Sounds are proud to announce the release...  More >
The Art of Hip Hop
Soundtrack Loops
The Art of Hip Hop is basically a history textbook of all beats Hip Hop. Structured into 15 construction kits, this...  More >
The House Of Beats
Loop 49
The House Of Beats is Loop49's latest offering containing all you need to conjure up a killer dance floor slice of beats and...  More >
The King III
Big Citi Loops
'The King III' is back with the third part in this best-selling series from Big Citi Loops which features five Construction...  More >
The Sound Of Wretch 32 & Knox Brown
Prime Loops
It‘s time to lift the curtains on this stunner of a sound library: For the latest addition to our Artist Edition, Prime...  More >
The Temple of Breaks
Prime Loops
Deep within the pitch-black jungle, far from civilization and urban safety, "The Temple of Breaks" awaits your arrival....  More >
These Are The Kicks Live Pack
Biome Digital
Ableton Live Pack Featuring 30 Ableton Live Racks, Drum Racks, Macros & Bonus Sound Effects! Why waste time endlessly...  More >
Thrash Metal
In your face! If other styles are too soft and you need to take no prisoners: Thrash Metal is the ultimate library to start...  More >
Time to Chill
Soundtrack Loops
In this collection, "Time to Chill", Fix-A-Flat brings to you 20 airy, laid-back construction kits that give the downt empo,...  More >
Tortured Dubstep Drums
Samplephonics are proud to present this incredible set of dubstep drum loops and one shot drum samples from our resident...  More >
Trap Junkies Vol 2
Misfit Digital
'Trap Junkies Vol 2' from Misfit Digital is back with the latest release in this three-part series. This product is...  More >
Trap Kingdom - Loops & Samples
‘Trap Kingdom - Loops & Samples’ from ModeAudio slams 430MB of muscular 808-style bass, skittering hi hats, snaking...  More >
Trap Squad
Prime Loops
Prime Loops are enlisting for the ultimate sound riot! Do you have what it takes to handle the high calibre audio...  More >
Trap Warfare
If you are looking to stock up your Trap sample arsenal, then you are in the right place. Trap Warfare is literally...  More >
Trap-A-Velli Vol 2
Misfit Digital
'Trap-A-Velli Vol 2' is the second installment to the highly successful first volume. This product is the...  More >
Tribal Percussion
SM Studio
SM Studio delivers 300+ hyper-detailed Afro and Latin inspired tribal percussion loops optimised for use across the...  More >
Tribal Percussion Loops
Prime Loops
Sun soaked funky bongo grooves, passionate African rhythms, pulsating djembe progressions, hot Latin percussive jams,...  More >
Astro Audio
Trippy is the first sensational release from the awesome Astro Audio. As you experience the best moment of your life,...  More >
Tropical House Tools Vol 1
1642 Beats
1642 Beats presents the first collection of Tropical House samples. Included Bongo loops, Drum Loops, Sf2 Soundfonts...  More >
Tropical ShakeUp
Prime Loops
Tropical beats and sounds are all the rage in the global dance music business right now - and this one is for all you...  More >
Twenty10 RnB Hitz
Big Citi Loops
'Twenty 10 RnB Hitz' is knocking the RnB list off the chart. This smokin' hot collection includes 10 Construction...  More >
Prime Loops
Prime Loops is back with a brand new pack of booty shakin' Trap! #Twerktrap has been specifically designed to add some...  More >
Twisted Dubstep Beats
Prime Loops
Beat a new path through the ragged terrain of the dubstep domain with "Twisted Dubstep Beats", the fresh new angle on...  More >
Twisted Electronics
Welcome to the world of circuit bending, where rewired synths, modified toys and twisted electronics combine to create an...  More >
UK Bass Anthems
Prime Loops
Dubstep is heavily crossing over to the pop world as well as gaining entry to the big-room clubs. UK Bass sounds are...  More >
Ultimate Dubstep Drummer
Prime Loops
Dance to the beat of your own wicked drum! "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" is Prime Loops' latest heavy-weight treasure...  More >
Ultimate R&B Piano Collection
Smash Up The Studio
* SALE - 50% OFF! * Recession-busting bundle loaded with stunning progressions and sexy phrases in this virtuoso collection...  More >
Ultimate Strings Melodies
Fox Samples
FOX SAMPLES presents "ULTIMATE STRINGS MELODY" This product features 25 Strings Melodies in Wav, Midi , Aiff and Rex2...  More >
Ultra Trap
Sample Magic
The definitive trap collection from Sample Magic. Packed with 1.2GB of dirty, driving, tweaked and twerked tools,...  More >
Undercover - Found Percussion Samples
‘Undercover - Found Percussion Samples’ is an organic percussion library like no other - plunge head-first into an...  More >
Underground Beats
Prime Loops
"Underground Beats" is here. Indulge yourself in this powerful collection of killer grooves that will have you...  More >
Underground Techno
SPF Samplers
Underground Techno is a huge 550mb of loops, hits and presets. Thats 228 loops, 183 hits and 50 sylenth1 presets. So...  More >
United States Of Dance
Prime Loops
Oh say can you see... the “United States of Dance” has got the party jumping from East coast to West! Stars bounce and...  More >
Urban Shine
‘Urban Shine’ 8 construction kits with great sounding beats, loops and samples! In Hip Hop, R&B, but also in the...  More >
Urban Worship Experience 2
Hot Music Factory
Urban Worship Experience 2 is the second installment of this heartfelt series giving you the sounds of melodic Urban Worship...  More >
URBANIC RnB's up-to-speed, most resilient jams are now available in URBANIC. These crazed Hiphop eruptions will keep...  More >
UVA - Synths Chords Arps & Basses
Soundtrack Loops
Soundtrack Loops introduces producer and artist Andrew Ranaudo. Known in the music community as UVA "Ultraviolet...  More >
Vital: Techno Hi Hats
We’re back with another Vital Techno pack you’ll be using for years to come. “Vital: Techno Hi Hats” consists...  More >
We Need Progressive House
Fox Samples
'We Need Progressive House' from Fox Samples features five Progressive House Construction Kits filled with amazing melodic...  More >
West Coast Awards Vol 1
Big Citi Loops
'West Coast Awards Vol 1' is taking the game to the next level. This awesome product gives you 5 monster Construction...  More >
West Coast Awards Vol 6
Big Citi Loops
'West Coast Awards Vol 6' is taking the game to the next level. This awesome series gives you five monster...  More >
West Coast Smash Hitz
X-R Audio
'West Cost Smash Hitz' from X-R Audio brings you five Construction Kits from the West Side. Influences for this product...  More >
What About: Smashing FX
W. A. Production
'What About: Smashing FX' is a brand new pack from W. A. Production that contains 220 FX Samples made for all modern EDM...  More >
Wicked Drops
Soundtrack Loops
WARNING : This is not a traditional construction kit. It is not a simple audio puzzle. ...  More >
Wonky Beats
Prime Loops
You may be asking yourself - What the hell are wonky beats!? Well, if you're tired of conventional, 4/4 quantised...  More >
World Percussion
The Loop Loft
From west African udu drums and north American frame drums through to Afro-Peruvian cajons, Loop Loft offer up 100+ loops of...  More >
Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes
Bluezone Corporation
Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes' features over 390MB of dark cinematic elements, biological sounds, eerie...  More >
Xtreme Guitars
Prime Loops
Wanna rip up the rule book? Shred it to pieces with Xtreme Guitars, the hair-raising metal guitar sample pack fresh from the...  More >
XXL Hip Hop Drums
Prime Loops
Hip Hop Drum Samples, Hip Hop Drum Hits, Hip Hop Samples, Hip Hop Drum Sounds, Hip Hop Drums for FL Studio, Hot Hip Hop Drum...  More >
XXL R&B Drums
Prime Loops
Hold up, you've just found the fullest collection of smooth and sexy R&B drum sounds in the Prime Loops catalogue....  More >
Yeezy Walk With Me
'Yeezy Walk With Me' is the return of Looptroniks' Kanye West style product that's a must-have! The producers of the...  More >
Zebrasonix preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5
Perimeter Sound Arts
'Zebrasonix' is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer created by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. From...  More >
Zombie Trap
Prime Loops
Trap is back! Back from where? Back from the dead, fool! Surrender yourself to Zombie Trap, the flesh-eating...  More >
Prime Loops
Dubstep's back from the Dead! This demented, ever mutating genre has infected dance floors across the globe for a fair...  More >