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Frequently asked questions

What is Sounds/To/Sample?

Sounds/To/Sample is a one-stop pro-audio download resource developed by the team behind award-winning sound design company Sample Magic. In putting sample libraries online we cut the costs associated with duplication, packaging and shipping, offering a better, fairer deal for the producer and the end user. Sounds/To/Sample is about quality: we only sell the best products from the best sample producers, sorting the audio wheat from the sonic chaff so that you don't have to spend hours auditioning mediocre sounds. We test each product before placing it on the site - so you know each pack is quality assured.

How does Sounds/To/Sample work?

Simple. First, you select the product you want to buy. Second, you select the format/s you want to buy. When you checkout you are taken to our secure payment gateway where you pay for your product/s. You can either pay by PayPal or all common credit and debit cards, When you've paid a link will be posted in your 'My Account' area where you will be able to download the sounds you've bought for 36 hours after purchase. You can read more about how Sounds/To/Sample works here: Site Help.

I'm still confused - I've never bought a downloadable sample CD before.

No problems; simply visit our step-by-step Site Help page which shows you how buying downloadable samples from Sounds/To/Sample works. If you're still in trouble, simply contact us and we'll give you any information you need.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards, including VISA, Switch, Amex, Mastercard and more.

Is buying online safe?

Our payment processing is looked after by WorldPay, an internationally respected digital sales operator with high-end online security and customer services. You can read more about them here: Worldpay Information pages. We also offer PayPal, the world's leading online payment provider.

I've bought a set of sounds from Sounds/To/Sample but I can't download them. Help!

Don't panic! We deliberately split large products into smaller, more manageable packs to make downloading easier. If you do run into troubles however, you have 36 hours in which to download your sounds. If you've not been able to download your sound after that then simply Contact Us and explain what is happening. We will ensure you get what you have paid for.

I can't unzip the sounds. Help!

To save space on our servers and to save you time we compress the sounds for you to download, either in ZIP format or occasionally RAR format. ON A PC: unpack Zip files using Winzip and Rar files using Rarzilla. ON A MAC: unpack zip files using the native, in-build unarchiver, and Rar files using UnRarX. If you are having troubles unzipping your product and you are a Mac OS X user then use the 7zX utlity - sometimes the bundled decompression utility that comes with Mac OS X struggles with large folders.

What do you do with my personal data?

We keep none of your financial data, which is processed, completely independently, by our chosen payment provider, WorldPay or by PayPal. The only details we keep are any you have provided us when signing up to our Newsletter, and any information that you have entered in your My Account page (including username, password and the names of the downloads you have purchased.) We guarantee that none of this information is ever, or will ever be, passed to any third party. We hate spam, and will not be party to any distribution of personal data. We are also subject to the legal stipulations of the UK Data Protection Act, which lays down strict guidelines on what can and cannot be done with personal data.

If I buy downloadable sounds from Sounds/To/Sample can I sell my productions?

Yes. When you buy sounds from Sounds/To/Sample - no matter who the producer - then you buy a license to use the samples in your own productions. Note that you are not obtaining OWNERSHIP of the sounds - you are in fact purchasing a LICENSE to use the sounds within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. The license is non-transferable, so if you are using an illegal copy of the product, you are not authorised to use the sounds. The original producer of the sounds will always remain the owner of the actual sounds. You can find more specific license information for the companies whose products we distribute on the License Information page.

How can I use the sounds?

You may use the sounds in combination with other sounds within your musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees or royalties for such usage. For example, if you are the original purchaser of Sample Magic's Funky House Grooves and you used sounds from it to create the soundtrack of a television commercial, simply by combining a drum loop sample with a guitar loop sample, and the TV advert was broadcast hundreds of times, you would keep all royalties that the advert earns you, because you have purchased a private license to use the sounds commercially. You cannot use the sounds in isolation (i.e. when not within musical compositions) as part of a commercially released project - for instance you cannot use the sounds to make another sample CD or multimedia sound library CD-ROM. You can find more specific license information for the companies whose products we distribute on the License Information page.

Can I use the sounds to make library / production music?

Of course. Just so long as you follow the guidelines above - ensuring that the samples are used as parts of compositions and are not used in isolation. You can find more specific license information for the companies whose products we distribute on the License Information page.

Who else can use the sounds I have purchased?

Nobody, unless they have also purchased the same sounds. Only the ORIGINAL PURCHASER of the sounds has the right to use them commercially. This means that you cannot sell or give away the sounds to anyone else. If you do, and someone else uses the sounds within a commercial release, they will have to pay royalties to the relevant producer / company for using the sounds. You will also have broken the law. You can find more specific license information for the companies whose products we distribute on the License Information page.

Do I have to credit my use of the sounds on my album sleeve, etc?

No, you don't have to - but it is often appreciated by individual companies.

I make awesome sounds. Can I sell them on Sounds/To/Sample?

We are always pleased to hear from top-class sound designers and sample producers. We pay well for the right material and we're a young, friendly and exciting company to work with. Contact Us if you've got what it takes. We respond quickly - especially if you can provide a ink to example loops.

I run a sample CD company. Will you distribute our sounds?

If your sounds are of the high calibre that we ask for then get in touch. We offer a good deal for all our partners - including bi-monthly royalty payments, competitive royalties, realtime sales accounting and extensive on and offline advertising.

Help! I've forgotten my password!

Go to the Forgotten Password link and we'll send you a new password so you can get up and running as soon as possible.

I've got a question you haven't answered!

No problems. Just contact us and one of the team will get back to you ASAP - usually the same day and usually within an hour or two.